The new connections can be made with the powerful substances which are present in the neurons. The storage in the brain and the process of memory creation is the main function of the uridine monophosphate. The main function of this substance is to process the long-term potentiation. The impaired memory formation is mainly due to the low levels of the uridine in the brain. The cognitive functions can be enhanced in collaboration with the choline as it is useful to promote your brain health. The antidepressant effects can be produced by the omega-3 fatty acids as per some studies if you understand how to increase dopamine. The natural sources of the substance will include the foods like broccoli, tomato, sugar cane extract and beer. The memory performance can be improved if you consume the uridine supplements.


Enhance your memory and focus:


The overall mood can be improved significantly along with the focus. The brain-blood carrier can be crossed easily with the help of the neuro transporters. The positive effects of uridine on the human health will include the improved brain function, protection of heart and pain relief. The supplements of this drug are very much useful to treat the mental disorders. The other cognitive processes can be improved while enhancing your focus and memory. The growth of synapse can be increased when you consume this supplement. The dopamine levels in the brain can be increased along with the choline. The dosage of this supplement should not exceed more than 500 to 1000 per day. The synthesis of Phosphatidylcholine and neural pathways in the brain is involved with the basic mode of the action.

different parts of the brain


Different parts of the brain:


The enzymes in the brain can be regulated by operating the cells with the chemical called Phosphatidylcholine. The production of neurites can be increased as the synaptic plasticity can be significantly improved. The store of memories can be improved with a greater encoding of the Phosphatidylcholine. The neurons are projected into the body through the neurites in order to form the synapses with the other neurons from the different parts of the brain. The brain contains billions of neurons which can be connected with each other to form an intricate network. The synapses are formed by some of the neurons with the other neurons. The connections of the neurons are not permanent as they will keep on changing in your brain.