The coats popped up in Berlin (though that partnership ended this year), and then at Sundance, and then suddenly they were all over the place. Actresses buried themselves in their coyote-fur hoods on film sets, and the paparazzi caught it on camera. In America,Canada Goose black friday if there is one thing that sells more units than a dream of rugged individualism, it is the fantasy of feeling as comfortable in harsh conditions as a famous person seems to be.In 2013, Reiss sold a majority stake of the company to Bain Capital, and, in November of last year, Canada Goose opened its first store in New York City, on Wooster Street.

Despite several peta protests about the opening—animal-rights activists have long protested Reiss’s use of coyote-fur trim and the trapping of wild animals used to obtain it—the line to get in snaked around the block for weeks, and security guards enforced a strict one-in, one-out policy.Canada Goose black friday When I visited the four-thousand-square-foot space, last week, a plucky saleswoman directed me to two racks of specialty coats that she said were doing particularly well in the urban market (the brand’s signature puffer, the nine-hundred-dollar Kensington, is a reliable international best-seller). First, she showed me the Black Label Collection, which features slimmer, more streamlined styles and the signature patch in monochrome black.

“It’s more subtle,” she said. “People seem to want something that says Canada Goose, but not so loudly as the color patches. New Yorkers love all-black.”She then showed me a far less subdued collection, a rack of the familiar bright-blue parkas, which were designed to fend off polar-bear attacks.Canada Goose black friday Apparently, Arctic bears loathe intense blue tones almost as much as Yves Klein loved them, and so scientists heading North to study bergs wear the coats as doubly protective armor.