The man told police that he later discovered that $120 in charges had been made on the stolen credit cards at various “M.T.A.” locations — perhaps referring to MetroCards or possibly A.T.M. withdrawals.Another delivery truck was robbed a few blocks away in front of 200 Church St. on Mon., July 1. The driver, 56, told police that he was making a beer delivery at about noon that day. When he got back to the vehicle, he saw that the door was open and his red backpack, containing $270 in cash, was missing. He also lost two credit cards, his ID and registration.Shoplifters put on a show in a Soho boutique in order to distract from their real goal, a $1,110 handbag.An employee of Mulberry, a trendy clothing shop at 134 Spring St.. reported that three shoplifters came into the store and put on an impromptu concert for five minutes on Sun., July 14 around 4:30 p.m. One of the shoplifters, a woman around age 35, took a Mulberry women’s handbag in flame orange with a chain handle from the shelf and put it into a bag held by a man, also about 35. The employee said that the third member, a woman who appeared to be about 30 years old, continued to distract the floor personnel.All three fled eastbound on foot down Spring St., according to police.

Police arrested a man on Sat. at a Soho karaoke bar and restaurant for what is being called a gang assault, after he and three or four others attacked another bar patron, police said.The victim, a 24-year-old Asian man from Connecticut was inside Biny, a karaoke bar at 8 Thomas St., with a few friends on Sat., May 25, according to police. The victim said that as he attempted to leave the bar at about 1:10 a.m., he was approached by four or five Asian men, who began to punch and kick him in the head and face for no apparent reason. He said that the men were strangers and that he hadn’t had any verbal confrontation with them prior to the attack. The victim sustained lacerations, bruising and swelling to his head and face, police said. The victim’s friends detained one of the men until police arrived.

Transit theft was on the rise in the past week as several people reported having belongings stolen while on the 4 train, according to police.One woman told police that she was pickpocketed by a fellow passenger at the Fulton St. station. The woman, 24, stated that she had boarded a northbound 4 train with her boyfriend on Sun., May 26 at about 3 p.m. At the Fulton St. station, she felt someone bump her on her right side, she said, and when she turned to look, found that her pink and tan Coach wallet was missing from her pocket. The wallet contained her credit cards, Virginia driver’s license, Macy’s work ID, $65 in Macy’s gift cards, a $20 Starbucks gift card, $15 in cash and her health insurance cards.