According to the clerk, the coats from the Polar Bear International line consistently sell out in New York City, despite the lack of immediate threat from ursine predators (Gus, the Central Park Zoo’s notoriously neurotic and last remaining polar bear, died in 2013, and Tundra,Canada Goose chateau at the Bronx Zoo, is far from lively). PBI Expedition Parkas (priced at a thousand and fifty dollars) have a “Thermal Experience Index” of five, the highest available on Canada Goose’s self-invented warmth scale: five is for withstanding wind chill of up to negative twenty-five degrees. According to the tag copy, the Expedition coats have been “field-tested for the coldest places on earth.” “People just love blue,” the saleswoman said. “Plus, the patch on the sleeve has a bear on it. What’s not to like?”

When I put one on, I felt like Violet Beauregarde being rolled off to Wonka’s juicing room by Oompa Loompas, but I could also understand the appeal: the chunky, sturdy zipper and the slick outer material that feels like a mollusk’s shell; the coat’s tranquillizing weight, like the bib you wear to get dental X-rays. The jacket was a smothering embrace, like a marsupial pouch I was born into and had no desire to crawl out of. Inside that down encasement, I understood the appeal of Canada Goose, which leads you to assume that the world will immediately recognize the superiority of your arm patch and, perhaps, your moral compass, too. I could well imagine a world in which, with nothing able to get inside my shell, the next step might be to stop poking my head out at all. Though there are no bears roaming through the city streets, there are plenty of people hibernating.

As Andrée left the stage, a witness wrote, the audience “cheered until the great hall of the Colonial Institute rang.”Andrée was born in 1854, in Grenna, about three hundred miles southwest of Stockholm, on Lake Vättern. As a child, he was said to have a wide-ranging intelligence and a capacity for asking difficult questions, and to be stubborn.Andrée’s attachment to his mother was profound, and only deepened when he was sixteen and his father died. If he felt himself drawn to a woman, he repressed the attraction. “I don’t want to run the risk of having a wife to ask me with tears to desist from my flights,” he once said, “because at that moment my affection for her,Canada Goose chateau no matter how strong, would be so dead that nothing could call it to life again.” He attended the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, and at twenty-two he went to America to see the Centennial Exposition, in Philadelphia, where all the world’s new inventions were being displayed.