Busson has never lived in the U.S. and the judge suggested that it might create better stability for his daughter were he to have a home in the city.He replied: ‘I don’t spend enough days’ access to Luna to justify it.’He said if the judge granted him a block of time with his daughter, he would look at the possibility of a home in New York.Busson claimed that he made the decision to go to court because Thurman blocked his opportunity for visitation a number of times.One of the reasons that Busson is hoping to change the current agreement according to his lawyer is because it has been difficult for him to travel to New York after a fungal infection resulted in doctors having to remove part of his lung.Busson also cannot be in the country for more than 120 days for tax reasons it was revealed on Friday.The financier also told the court that Thurman had kept a $1million engagement ring he had given her around 2009 despite the fact he asked for it back. Busson, who is Catholic, also said that it was important for him to have his daughter baptized, as his two sons had been, but that it ‘had not happened yet’.

 Busson also said he wished his daughter to have a French passport and that initially Thurman had agreed with this idea and been ‘very excited’ about it.‘It’s only since we have been separated that she has refused to give the signature to get her a French passport,’ he said.Exes: Thurman and MacPherson in 2007He said the advantages for his daughter would be numerous: ‘She would be able to live in Europe without having immigration papers, she would be a European national and she would enjoy all the benefits a French citizen enjoys under the sovereignty of France… I don’t see any downfall to having a second passport.’Throughout his testimony, Thurman scribbled notes on a pad and leaned in to whisper remarks to her lawyers.

Busson was also complimentary of Thurman, saying she ‘did a very good job’ when it came to picking Luna’s school and praised her for changing paediatrician after he was not comfortable during one doctor’s visit with Luna.He said that he took an active role in his daughter’s schooling because he ‘education is one of the most important gifts you can give your children’.Busson spoke about his own career in finance saying that he had started in the mid-80s. He is now executive chairman of the Swiss-based company, gottex Fund Management.He described the past 24 months as ‘difficult times’ for his company due to volatile markets.