Ikea Canada’s store foot traffic also increased year-over-year by four per cent in the last year,Canada Goose homme promo to more than 26 million customer visits.“E-commerce must work in harmony with bricks and mortar to grow the business — that is what you call multichannel,” Sjöstrand said. “It is important [to recognize] that we only have six per cent of our sales over the web. There is an increased interest in the web and it is a very interesting tool today and tomorrow, and we can see that many consumers and the new generation use the web more.” But success lies in the integration of bricks and mortar stores with online and mobile technology and a host of service offerings, he said.

The announcement of about 12 new stores is in addition to an ongoing rollout of new Ikea Canada “pickup and order points” for online customers announced last spring, a program that is expanding as part of a global test market run in selected markets.Canada Goose homme promo The company will open the first two of five pickup points in Quebec City and London, Ont. next month. At those 20,000 to 40,000 square-foot outlets, consumers can pick up Internet orders, browse and buy merchandise on in-store tablets, or partake of standard services such as product assembly. There is also a small selection of goods available for sale, 99 of Ikea’s top-selling items.Sjöstrand said there are more opportunities for Ikea Canada to make the online customer experience “more seamless” for the future, such as making assembly a service that can be scheduled and paid for online along with the current online options of purchase and delivery of goods.

Canada Goose homme promo A decision to waive a $2 co-payment fee on eligible prescriptions for seniors in Ontario last year gave a strong lift to fourth-quarter pharmacy sales, the retailer said Thursday.We definitely are paying attention to that [older] demographicShoppers, whose pharmacy sales also grew through acquisitions in Western Canada, has been boosting a range of services and enhancing its assortment of non-drug merchandise to cope with the revenue-dampening effects of provincial regulatory changes.“We definitely are paying attention to that [older] demographic,” chief executive Domenic Pilla told a conference call with analysts.