I “dug in,” he said.After hearing his name called from the sidewalk, Black peels off the multiple layers of bedding and emerges from his hobo lair. He’s wearing a navy knit hat beneath a Ushanka, one of those furry Russian hats, that a passerby gave him — said it cost $50 — and a worn black jacket while leaning back against the doorway. He said he slept sitting in that very same position Monday night, because it seemed warmer than stretching out on the concrete.”I geared up,”Canada Goose i new york Black said when asked how he survived the deadly cold night. “I’m not a rookie. I know how to stay warm. I’ve got three sleeping bags, about eight blankets… I’ve got too much to damn carry. Look at this, it looks like a mountain.”

Black, who wears a thick mustache and graying beard, said making it through the night wasn’t unbearable, but when he awoke his right foot had gone “entirely numb” inside his boot from the cold. When he stood to make his morning trip to the liquor store for more vodka, Black said he lost his balance and grasped the concrete walls at his side to remain upright.Canada Goose i new york The self-proclaimed alcoholic joked that he probably looked drunk, even though he was stone sober.When asked why he didn’t just hole up at one of Detroit’s shelter for a night or two until the cold blast passed, Black said he’d rather freeze in the streets than spend a night with the “scurvy individuals” he’s encounters at shelters.

“All they want to do is steal and fight,” Black said. “Can’t trust them as far as you can see ’em. I don’t need that drama.”Black said he was “rambling” for years, traveling the nation — Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore, Kansas City, Washington D.C., Oklahoma City, St.Canada Goose i new york Louis and others — until he arrived in Detroit. He usually left when the law began to pester and issue citations to him for drinking in the streets.He calls Detroit police “sweethearts.””I love Detroit, man,” Black said. “I’ve been through a lot of cities, because I like to travel. I never thought I would stay here this long.”