Harbinson, who also works as a freelance photographer, is taking stock of his options and isn’t planning to pursue another retail job. Going back to school is a possibility, says Harbinson, who used to work in an ad agency before the recession hit.“Retail will be a last resort for me,” he said.Sears Canada is encouraging the Target workers to check its website this week for information about job fairs.Canada Goose intersport It’s also offering its employee discount to Target Canada workers for 16-weeks starting Wednesday.The retailer let go about 700 workers in January 2013, including 300 from its department stores, and later closed its flagship location in Toronto’s Eaton Centre as well as four other stores, affecting another 1,000 employees.It was the same time electronics retailer Best Buy Canada estimated 900 jobs would be lost as it closed some of its Future Shop and Best Buy big box stores.

Electronics stores have been among the hardest hit by online giants such as Amazon and Alibaba, but Best Buy Canada has managed to hold its own since folding its Future Shop banner two years ago.“We knew that radical change was required,” Kamy Scarlett, the retailer’s senior vice-president of retail and chief of human resources, told an industry audience at the Retail Council of Canada’s Store 2017 conference on Tuesday, of the decision to shut down the original Canadian banner and close 66 stores.Controlling expenses to compensate for declining overall sales had led the company to skimp on labour and marketing expenses,Canada Goose intersport eroding the brand and its service in the eyes of the customer, Scarlett said.“Internally we had begun to compete with each other, brand against brand,” she said. “Given the commission structure at Future Shop, every single change we tried to make to our online business took incredible amounts of effort. Future Shop employees saw online sales as a threat, because the online (business) was growing and their personal sales were declining.”

Today the company, with 134 big-box stores and 53 smaller “mobile” stores in Canada,Canada Goose intersport has embraced a “total retail” approach, where online and bricks and mortar sales are regarded in the same way rather than as distinct “channels” that compete with one another and employees are given bonuses based on a location’s in-store and online performance.The changes prefaced a transformational period in retail.Big-box style stores were prized for having an endless selection and low prices before the Internet came along and topped that notion. Best Buy’s niche of electronics and entertainment has been hit particularly hard: HMV Canada announced in January that it would close all 102 of its locations, and in the U.S., rival HH Gregg filed for bankruptcy in March and closed all 220 of its stores last month.