Speaking to Glamour this summer, Carmen also credited the stars who came first for opening doors for her to be her.’I feel like because of Caitlyn Jenner, because of Laverne Cox, I am now given this opportunity to come forward and share what I’ve experienced,’ she said.But she added that there is still a long way to go. People are still learning, which means that even well-meaning people make offensive comments and ask inappropriate questions.’Obviously it’s a little invasive to ask any man or woman about their genitalia,’ she explained. ‘[But] we should be able to ask transgender people any question, as long as it’s not disrespectful or dismissive to who they choose to be or who they believe they are.’A diver searching for the bodies of three men who went missing in 2010 claims he made a shocking discovery – a German U-boat from World War II.

Brian Corbin said he found the submarine while he and his team were taking sonar images in the bottom of Churchill River in Labrador, Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.Mr Corbin, a 50-year-old diver from Happy Valley Goose Bay in Newfoundland, told the Star that he is 100 per cent certain it is a relic of WWII.Mr Corbin, along with several other crew mates, had originally been looking to find the bodies of three men who vanished around nearby Muskrat Falls in 2010.And he’s not the only one who’s ready to believe the military submarine made its way into the river.Wyman Jacque, the town manager for Happy Valley Goose Bay, told the paper that he thinks it is very possible that a German U-boat found its way to the bottom of a river.Churchill River was dammed in the 1970s, but Mr Jacque said that before it could have been deep enough to allow U-boats clearance.For his part, Mr Corbin told the Star that his sonar images show clear indicators of a German U-boat from the 1940s.