All roofs need some kind of sheathing membrane on them to control and drain moisture that might penetrate your roof. Today’s products do a better job at stopping moisture than the tarpaper of the 1980s. Self-adhering products like ice and water shield are better. They prevent ice damming and make the installation process easier — which cuts down on labour time, saving the homeowner some money.Also, when you nail shingles over tarpaper it leaves holes in the surface. This makes the membrane weaker.Canada Goose le bon coin But when you nail shingles over self-adhered roofing underlayment, such as Blueskin house wrap, the adhesive closes up around the nail, so there are no holes or gaps in the membrane.Blueskin also makes a “high-temperature” product specifically for metal roofs. It has a higher melting temperature than regular ice-and-water membranes. Why? Because a metal roof gets very hot in the summer. It’s important to make sure the adhesive on the membrane doesn’t melt.Catch Mike Holmes on Holmes Makes It Right, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on HGTV. For details, visit For more information on home renovations, visit

Selected from 300 entries in a contest aimed at students,Canada Goose le bon coin the winning design is a stylized maple leaf made up of multi-coloured diamond shapes. It will be featured in all Government of Canada products and events related to the 150th anniversary in 2017.Ariana Cuvin, a second-year student in the University of Waterloo’s global business and digital arts program, said the diamonds and colours in her design are not representative of anything in particular. “I just wanted to go with something very simple,” she told the Citizen.However, the website offers a different take on what it describes as Cuvin’s vision for the design. It says she intended the base of the maple leaf, which is made up of four diamonds, to represent the four provinces that formed Confederation. The nine other diamonds expanding outwards, it says, were meant to represent the six other provinces and three territories.

Canada Goose le bon coin “The repeated shape is meant to create a sense of unity and the 13 shapes forming the leaf represents our togetherness as a country,” her explanation as offered on the website says.Cuvin, who received $5,000 for her winning design, said she didn’t have much time to come up with it because she only learned of the contest two or three days before the submission deadline.“I tried to put as much effort into it as possible,” she said. “I pulled as many resources as I could, doing research and asking my peers what they thought of some of the designs I made.”