Corrected grain, meanwhile, is the lowest grade of leather available and is stamped with an artificial pattern to simulate the look of higher grades. It’s unlikely you will find a jacket made from this material, but you certainly shouldn’t buy one if you do. Finally, split grain leather is the underside of the hide (divided from the top-grain), which is then lightly abraded to produce suede.The last thing to consider is the tanning and finishing process applied to the hide.Canada Goose lodge down hoody The two main methods used today are chrome and vegetable tanning (although many more exist), and they can be broadly looked at as synthetic and natural approaches.

Chrome tanning – using the chemical chromium sulphate – is very quick, and produces a soft, uniformly colored leather with strong weatherproof credentials, like this. It is, however, terrible for the environment and looks notably more artificial. Nappa leather is almost always chrome tanned.Vegetable tanning is the centuries-old practice of treating leather using wood barks and other plant matter, and is what most good quality jackets will opt for. It is a much slower process, making it more expensive,Canada Goose lodge down hoody but one that’s kinder to the environment and that produces rich, natural looking hues that will hide buffs and scratches well. The major downside of vegetable-tanned leather is its propensity to stain or discolor slightly when wet, although this can be lessened with the addition of weatherproofing treatments after the tanning process is finished.

Unless you’re stacking serious pocket change, buying a leather jacket is likely to be a major investment, so you’ll want it to last. While it is technically possible to replace things like zips, buttons and buckles if they wear out, doing so is neither cheap nor easy,Canada Goose lodge down hoody so save yourself the headache and make sure the hardware is up to scratch before you hand over any green. YKK, Talon or RiRi zips are a must.If you’re on a budget, newcomers Beckett Simonon have recently stepped into the market with an interesting pre-order only business model that offers a heavy discount on a range of stylish leather jackets each month. Beyond that, we’d recommend waiting for the sales to roll around and keeping an eye out for a late-season bargain.Now that you’ve got a view of all the essential information, you should find yourself equipped to purchase the leather jacket of your dreams – something that you’ll love for decades. Stay tuned for more consumer advice and check out the entire Check Before You Buy archive.