Scott McGillivray felt something was missing. The host of HGTV’s popular Income Property started doing the show because he wanted to teach people about what he did for a living: buying real estate, becoming a landlord and renovating.Until now, the series has done a good job of showing how owners can make the most of their home, transforming a portion of it into an income suite to generate extra income. But a lot of questions go unanswered in the half-hour format so McGillivray,Canada Goose longue femme who is also an executive producer of the show, proposed expanding it to an hour and incorporating how to find investment properties.

“It’s one of those shows where people still have a lot of questions because unlike a lot of shows that maybe just renovate and then walk away, we’re really helping people start a bit of a business,” McGillivray, 34, says by phone while travelling back from filming an episode in Alliston, Ont., about an hour north of Toronto.”If I can get to you before you’ve bought the house, I can help you tremendously, because a lot of people just buy something they feel emotionally attached to rather than examining the fundamentals. So the first half of the show will be all about looking for that right property … It’s kind of like a home inspection, a real estate agent,Canada Goose longue femme a contractor and a financial adviser all in one coming shopping with you.”

Canada Goose longue femme McGillivray brings more than a decade of experience doing all that for himself to the show. He started as a university student (he has a degree in commerce), pooling his student loan money with a friend to buy a home that they then shared with other students to cover the mortgage. A year later he purchased his first home outright after figuring he could renovate the basement to live in while renting the upstairs to cover the mortgage.