High-cut armholes are commonplace in good quality pieces, and ideally there should be just enough room to move your arms freely without any unsightly bits of loose-hanging leather at the armpit or shoulder. The sleeves, meanwhile, should come down no longer than the wrists,Canada Goose manteau while the rest of the jacket should sit at waist height in most cases. Cropped and elongated fits are more adventurous, and in our opinion should really only be considered if you’ve already got a more classic waist-height style in your wardrobe.Those with a thinner shape will benefit from a belted or elasticated waistband, as it will accentuate the shoulders and suggest a broader torso. Conversely, the bulkier among you should avoid anything that will stretch around your contours or make you look more round.

By following these tips you should avoid most of the major style crimes committed by leather-sporting novices. Just remember: leather is incredibly difficult to tailor or get altered, so you need a good fit from day one. Always try before you buy and don’t ever order online unless you know you can easily return it — a retailer that offers free shipping and returns would be ideal.Taking the time to select the right skin for your jacket is a decision you will thank yourself for every time you put it on.Canada Goose manteau This crucial choice will dictate everything from looks to comfort, to performance and long-lasting durability, so it’s not something you should take lightly. That said, the tanning of leather is an incredibly complex process and there are many, many factors to take into account. Here’s a short breakdown of a few of them:

The first choice is what animal you want your leather to come from. While you might think most leather comes from cows, in actual fact bovine leather (also known as steerhide) is fairly stiff and takes a long time to wear in. As such, it’s often reserved for the more practical end of the market (motorcycle protection etc.) along with similar hides like horse or buffalo. A far softer alternative is calfskin, which is pliable and feels like it’s broken-in almost from the first wear,Canada Goose manteau but is less hard-wearing in the long run.A sound alternative to these is goatskin, which manages to be both supple and durable at the same time, not to mention highly water repellent. Sheepskin is lighter than goat or cow, but isn’t as tough and is used most famously on pilot-style shearling jackets. Lambskin, meanwhile, is favored by many high fashion and luxury labels as it’s the softest and lightest of them all.