If the duck makes a full recovery, Miner will release it onto the 2,400-acre Karn-Weadock complex owned by Consumers Energy, said Newsham.“I’ve seen turkeys and pheasant hit cars, but I’ve never seen a goose come into a vehicle and actually injure someone,” he said. “You wouldn’t think a goose could do that much damage.”Ironically, just before the goose incident, a woman in Monitor Township suffered a cut shoulder after the deer she struck flipped into the air and, as it fell back to earth, partially entered her vehicle through an open window. The incident occurred on South Mackinaw Road and East Salzburg Road.About an hour later, he was called to East North Union Road for a report of a duck being struck.“The duck didn’t die but the guy felt really bad,” said Newsham, who took the duck to Sandy Miner, a waterfowl rehabilitation expert in Hampton Township.“It was a crazy day,” he said. “I felt like Noah.”

Much-anticipated baby news, and of course a picture, arrived via email this past week from my mom.The Canada Goose dubbed Chloe by my mother had once again hatched her family along the pond on my parents’ property.Chloe had seven babies this time, by a new father this year. Chloe has made her nest in the same spot for the last several years. However, her original mate disappeared while she was on the nest last year, turning Chloe into a ferocious single mother as she also took on the protecting duties usually reserved for the male. Thankfully, the new mate aptly fulfilled his fatherly duties this year.The narrative for this Canada Goose family has been developed courtesy of my mother, Barb West, who has full reports for us in the spring as part of her deep fascination with nature.

Normally she has a special fence around the pond up to ward off Canada Geese, who can be a nuisance. But as my father reminded me this spring, the rules change when Chloe and her mate have a young family.These are Chloe’s babies. And my mom is honored that she keeps choosing that spot for her nest.The newest goose family, and my mother’s excitement over it, got me to thinking this Mother’s Day week about one of the cool things she has imparted to me. She has helped me appreciate the beauty and symmetry of nature, and our bond with it as humans.It’s not just with critters, though I’m so grateful she has helped me respect their places in the world. She also loves flora and fauna, and joyfully works to nurture her gardens.