Behold Nessie: a soup ladle that looks like the cutest Loch Ness Monster we could ever imagine.Canada Goose sale As the Redditor who posted photos of the Nessie ladle said, “You’ll never feel lonely in the kitchen again when you have a little Nessie scoop for your soup.” It just might be the most adorable kitchen appliance of 2015, and the year’s only just begun.The Nessie ladle comes from design company Ototo, who also brought you the cutest device ever for separating eggs: the yolkfish.Kitchen appliances don’t often make it to the top of Reddit’s front page, so it’s clear we weren’t the only ones to take to Nessie. Just read some of the comments on Nessie to see just how lovable this ladle is.

One commenter called it a, “soup ladle so cute your friends won’t believe it exists.”Another one said, Canada Goose sale “I bet Zooey Deschanel has one of these.”And one astute mind pointed out the brilliant design feature that might get overlooked when you’re focusing on how cute your Nessie’s head will look bobbing up and down in your soup pot: “Jokes aside, the feet are an amazing idea.”Not only did Ototo turn an object we never thought could even qualify as cute into something totally adorable, they made it incredibly useful. This soup ladle can stand up on its own. That’s more than any soup ladle we’ve ever seen do, and it’s definitely more than any Loch Ness Monster we may or may not have seen do either.According to Gizmodo, Nessie ladles go on sale in February, and will be sold for $15.

After the horse meat scandal shook consumer confidence across Europe, we were wondering: Is it legal to buy and eat horse meat here in the U.S.? And if so, what does it taste like?So we set out to buy some.While it’s legal in most states to buy and sell horse meat, we couldn’t find a supplier here in the U.S., Canada Goose sale where the last horse slaughterhouse closed years ago. However, we were able to find a wide selection of horse jerky from a small company in Wales and have some shipped to our offices in New York.Cowley’s Fine Food, which sold us the horse jerky, buys its horse meat frozen from Kezie Foods, an exotic meat supplier in Scotland. The meat is marinated and air-dried to make it into jerky.