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Chasing the birds away is another popular trick. Cities hire firms with names like Goosebusters or Wild Goose Chase, which use dogs — typically border collies trained only to harass, not harm, geese — to chase the birds away.”When the birds realize that they are being chased away every day, they stop coming after a […]

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It was a cool, clear dawn, and the sky was full of Aleutian geese, a bird long known as one of America’s most endangered species. Mitch Farro and Dave Steiner, supine in camouflaged blinds near a pond surrounded with goose decoys, hoped to kill a few.A flock of yelping geese wheeled over the decoys. Farro […]

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When they last performed here at Wallace Wade Stadium at Duke University in 2005, Canada Goose montebello I wrote about the Durham police crackdown on people selling bootleg T-shirts outside the stadium.“If each T-shirt sold by a bootlegger was taking money out of the mouths of Keith, Mick, Ronnie and Charlie,” I wrote then, “perhaps […]

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WARROAD, Minn. — It might have seemed like the birds were fighting back against a Duluth hunter on a recent trip to far northern Minnesota.Dan Erickson was walking back to his blind with a Canada goose slung over his shoulder when he was hit from behind and driven to his knees.A hungry peregrine falcon “came […]

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Speaking to Glamour this summer, Carmen also credited the stars who came first for opening doors for her to be her.’I feel like because of Caitlyn Jenner, because of Laverne Cox, I am now given this opportunity to come forward and share what I’ve experienced,’ she said.But she added that there is still a long […]

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But on a national level, although many have welcomed the Devon beavers’ reprieve, others are not so sure. Perhaps predictably, given its opposition to reintroduced species, the National Farmers’ Union is concerned about ‘damage to farmland’ and the risks of disease.It’s easy to understand such worries when you think of those Disney films in which […]

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In London, frontline officers were warned of intelligence that suggested terrorists aspired to abduct and murder a policeman. In August the national terror-threat level was raised from substantial to severe, meaning a terrorist attack was ‘highly likely’.A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the men were being held on suspicion of ‘being concerned in the commission, preparation […]

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Canada Goose has shown strong growth and good profits. It is popular primarily in the Northeast and among celebrities. However, fashion trends often end, and Canada Goose’s popularity could decline at some point in the future.We believe that the company may do well in the near term, however, particularly with Bain’s backing. If investors wish […]

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Steve Lillenhaug, 43, was hoping his relatively untested style of play helps him face down poker legend Doyle Brunson, who showed up Tuesday wearing a blue button down shirt and his signature white cowboy hat.Lillenhaug, who has been playing poker for five years, downed two screwdrivers at the hotel bar as soon as he heard […]