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Good morning. My name is Carol and I will be your conference operator today. At this time, I would like to welcome everyone to the Canada Goose Q4 and Full Year Fiscal 2017 Earnings Call. All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. After the speakers’ remarks, there will be a […]

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The union’s regulations require 72 hours notice to hold an emergency ERC meeting, and the union needed to finalize their rules by Wednesday night, in time for the nomination period for elections to open on Thursday. Several prominent opposition members had previously indicated to The Varsity that they would likely not pursue defederation referenda this […]

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One such pressing issue is that of student housing. Those running to lead the students’ union should consider how the UTSU can lobby more effectively to ensure that current residences on campus continue to provide enough affordable spaces to house a massive undergraduate population in the city, while also improving the overall quality of residence […]

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Fortunately, Ratmansky has risen to the challenge of balancing old with new. While thoughtfully updated to suit the twenty-first century, this version nonetheless pays its dues to the Shakespearean source material and to classical ballet. It feels simultaneously classic and modern, as graceful pas de deuxs contrast modern physical comedy.This successful juxtaposition is echoed in […]

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That said, Majesteas is a far cry from the fusty Old English tearooms decorated with lace tablecloths and Royal Daltons. The shop is light and modern, with cool green walls and soft, cushiony chairs. Majesteas also offers a number of playfully named blends, such as “Buckingham Palace Garden Party,” “Cheeky Monkey!” and “Leslieville Picnic Blend.”Perhaps […]

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Canada Goose is one of the most interesting high-growth, early stage IPOs that have come out of Canada in the last 5 years. The company has provided evidence that they have strong management and innovative approaches to marketing and product control that have allowed them to grow at extremely rapid rates, increase their margins, and […]

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Museum Station The renovation of Museum Station, meanwhile, grew out of the Toronto Community Foundation’s Arts on Track initiative. The old station design was replaced with a bold (and well-received) design that reflects the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum. The TCF hired its own architects and raised approximately $2 million from its stakeholders, with […]

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Public art sometimes conjures the image of great historical and civic moments. The statues that encircle the Ontario Legislature—lauding the work of firefighters, volunteers in the North-West Rebellion, and Sir John A. Macdonald—come to mind. In the last 40 years, however, public art in Toronto has become an important part of the debate about the […]

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  In a christening ceremony documented by the CBC series Adrienne Clarkson Presents, von Tiesenhausen arranged the figures around a willow-woven basket and set it ablaze 25 kilometres outside of Calgary.As both an environmentalist and artist in the small hamlet of Demmitt, von Tiesenhausen decided to install the sculptures on the roof of Calgary’s Louise […]

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Pearson explains that when she took on the archivist position over two years ago, much of Vic’s art collection, now numbering some 950 pieces, was in disarray. “We spent the entire summer going through nooks, crannies, closets, you name it, and found a lot of things that we didn’t have on the list.”At one point, […]