Meant to be, in part, because Behymer is fighting cancer.prix d’une Canada Goose A surgery in early October removed tumors from his bladder, prostate and lymph nodes.Behymer is still recovering, but took advantage of November’s warmer-than-normal temperatures to finish up yard work he normally does in October.This past month felt more like October and will be one of the warmest Novembers on record, said Ray Hackman, a local amateur weather forecaster.High temperatures reached into the 60s for most of November and lows stayed above freezing. November so far has been about 5 degrees warmer than a typical November, according to records kept by Hackman. In comparison, October was 4 degrees colder than an average October, his records show.

“The second week of November was 7 degrees warmer than second week of October,” Hackman said. “It should be reversed quite a bit.”Typically, October is about 12 degrees warmer than November. This year, Hackman said, they have been about equal. The average high for November so far has been 46 degrees, but high temperatures hit the upper 60s for a few stretches, Hackman said.“We didn’t even get that high in October,” Hackman said. “In October, we never had a day that hit 70,prix d’une Canada Goose and we’ve never had that happen before.”Hackman ranks this November among the top five warmest Novembers on record. The warmest November was recorded in 1999, when the average high temperature was 53.5 degrees. The coldest November was in 1976, with an average low temperature of 38 degrees.

A ridge of high pressure that settled over central Canada trapped most of the cold, arctic air, said Bob Dukesherer, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids. The ridge kept the cold, arctic air north, sparing much of the United States.prix d’une Canada Goose November also has been extremely dry. As of Nov. 23, the Kalamazoo area had less than a half-inch of rain and no snow had fallen. During a typical November, nearly 3 inches of rain and 7 inches of snow fall.A snow-less November may mean a white December.